Supermicro, the leader in server technology innovation Supermicro provides customers around the world with application-optimized server, workstation, blade, storage and...

Supermicro, the leader in server technology innovation

Supermicro provides customers around the world with application-optimized server, workstation, blade, storage and GPU systems. Based on its advanced Server Building Block Solutions, Supermicro offers the most optimized selection for IT, datacenter and HPC deployments.

The company’s system architecture innovations include the Twin server, double-sided storage and SuperBlade® product families. Offering the most comprehensive product lines in the industry, Supermicro solutions deliver unmatched performance and value.

Green IT !

Supermicro designs all Application Optimized Server Building Blocks™ with global climate protection in mind. Our motherboards, power supplies, server systems, components, and subassemblies are engineered to fully comply with industry standards that meet or exceed the European Union Restriction on the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

Our legacy also includes planet-friendly recyclable products and packaging as our contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions in the IT industry.


Scale Out Storage

With the advancement of large scale cloud computing platforms like OpenStack, the business of data storage has been forever changed. Often called “the serverization of storage”; the replacement of purpose-built/proprietary data silos with economical server hardware, has proven itself to be both more reliable and more resilient. Supermicro has embraced this change, offering the widest selection of server hardware in the industry.

Ceph solution datasheet


Big Data

Hadoop, however, was designed to solve a different problem: the scalable, reliable storage and analysis of both structured and complex data.
As a result, many enterprises deploy Hadoop alongside their legacy IT systems, allowing them to combine old and new data sets in powerful new ways.
Technically, Hadoop consists of two key services: reliable data storage using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and high-performance parallel data processing using a technique called MapReduce. Hadoop runs on a collection of commodity, shared-nothing servers. You can add or remove servers in a Hadoop cluster at will; the system detects and compensates for hardware or system problems on any server. Hadoop, in other words, is self-healing. It can deliver data – and can run large-scale, high-performance processing jobs – in spite of system changes or failures.

Supermicro & Haddop solutions


Windows 2012 Storage Features

With Supermicro SuperSBB running Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard, you’ll have access to the latest storage innovations from Microsoft, including:

Data Deduplication and Storage Spaces – for maximizing and scaling your storage capacity. Storage Tiers, SMB Direct, SMB Multichannel, and NIC Teaming – for maximum performance. Enhancements to Failover Clustering and Hyper-V – for improved reliability.

3U cluster In a Box Datasheet2U cluster In a Box Datasheet


Supermicro Solutions integrated with VMware Virtual SAN

A Virtual SAN Ready Node is a preconfigured single-node or multi-node server hardware configuration for use with Virtual SAN. A Ready Node configuration includes specific type and amount of CPU, Memory, Flash, HDD, and IO Controller devices within each server. Each VSAN Ready Node is classified by a Ready Node configuration profile….

Virtual SAN Ready Nodes DataSheet