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The E4 HPC Open Suite is a package that includes a set of tools required in order to build up...

The E4 HPC Open Suite is a package that includes a set of tools required in order to build up a cluster system. It simplifies and automates the installation, management and monitoring of HPC clusters from one to hundreds of nodes.

It provides a complete operational HPC cluster software stack for Linux operating systems, including scientific environments, development toolkits and libraries, cluster provisioning, operation and monitoring analytics. The E4 HPC Open Suite is made by open source tools, so the customer can avail of the world wide community beyond those software.

Upon user’s request, it is possible to install and configure also licensed software in order to customize the installation. The E4 HPC OpenSuite is certified for the following operating systems: Red Hat, SLES, OpenSUSE, Scientifc Linux, CentOS, Fedora. It is also compliant with Intel Cluster Ready suite.

ARKA Microcluster

This is the ideal solution to develop your CUDA on ARM applications. Half depth 5U form factor, equipped with 8 ARKA boards and one x86 front end module for management and cross compilation, the ARKA MICROCLUSTER can fit in the smallest environments to produce the greatest results.


This ARKA system is the high end solution for all applications which require the performances of a server. It’s been designed as a 3U form factor equipped with 12 blades so as to maximize density while reducing power consumption. Uptime is guaranteed by the redundant PSU and hot-swap blades.

E4 ARKA series

The E4 ARKA series offers a range of low-power appliances designed to appeal to the HPC world thanks to the pairing of a heterogeneous ARM® Architecture+GPU+IB, in fact, with the present generation of ARM cores it is not possible to address algorithm heavily based on Floating Points arithmetic, therefore most of scientific application are excluded. NVIDIA Tesla GPU broadens the range of applications that can be addressed and gives huge boost to performance.


What’s so innovative about this appliance is the introduction of the new generation ARMv8 cores at 64 bit. While previous ARM products were limited to 32 bit and were used only by early adopter and developer, the RK003 is the first ARM® Architecture+GPU+IB platform ready for production environment with a full support of the software ecosystem: Linux OS, libraries, compilers and applications.

E4 Company Arka RK003 Brief Sheet